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Sitting right on top of your Git provider, Komander helps you streamline the most repetitive and tedious tasks involved in software development such as initializing new repositories with the necessary boilerplate code (gitignore, dockerfile, Cargo.toml, package.json etc.) or creating reproducible dev environments and easily deploying to production.

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Quickly initialise new repositories with templates

When you create a new repository, you can select a Repository Template which consists of a specification file –that allows you to define initialisation scripts, docker service ports, volumes and environment variables to automatically set up your application, as well as template files that get automatically created, committed and pushed.

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Easily create and share environments

Map your infrastructure to environments (dev, test, staging, prod...) and deployments that contain specific environment variables and secrets, and share them with your team so that everyone is up to date and can easily run applications on their machine and deploy them anywhere.

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Visually design project architecture

Use the interface to quickly create services from your repositories for each environment and visualize how each component interacts with the others with an automatically generated diagram, which will never be outdated and can help you fast track onboarding new persons on your projects.

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Generate code

Seamlessly generate Docker Compose files or Kubernetes resources

With on click (or one command with Komander CLI), you can automatically generate Docker Compose files or Kubernetes resources from your environments definitions.

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Simply deploy and manage your apps with Komander CLI

The Komander CLI allows you to tag, deploy applications, connect to services shell and remotely run scripts in any environment with the same commands.

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Securely manage users with SSO and per-project roles

Connecting your Komander instance to your Git provider's OAuth2 service, allows you to securely onboard other people on your team while adding an extra Komander project roles layer.

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Komander integrates with the most used Git providers and takes advantage of their API to manage users, projects and repositories

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Komander and its CLI are still in beta.

If you have any suggestion or remark, feel free to leave us a message on Discord.